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Update: I now have a new home page up at Another address for it is, but I don't expect you all to memorize that.

I have also newly registered the name
Well, I decided to finally edit my home page. It has been several years.
*News as of 12/28/2003* DT Mud is back up. The webpage for the mud is now located at The mud can now be reached by telnetting to port 4550.

While you're browsing around, why not visit Steve's Woodworking Site? My name is Kevin, I also go by the username of Thunder. I used to be the implementor of a mud called The Dark Towers, also known as DT or DTMud. It was run on Rom 2.4 and used to reside on the host The old webpage is still up and is located at I am currently working on reviving the mud. I am not sure what happened to the main coder Redoc, but he is the one who has access to the source, so I am unable to get it running without him. Anybody interested in emailing me can contact me at the email addy at the bottom of this page.

I also have my home server up periodically at I also have a web page at, but that will not be up for much longer, as I am finished with college. I recently graduated from the University of Washington with two Bachelor in Arts degrees. One in German Language and Literature, and the other in European Studies.

Check out my collection of photos from my trip to Germany(in 1999...jeesh this is old)


Or check out my Car

Orr Hey...Maybe you want some of these files Send.exe Career Pathways Thanks for visiting my Site

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